Nathan DSilva
University of Waterloo - Computational Mathematics

Highly motivated software developer with several years of professional experience and a proven ability to deliver high-quality, maintainable code. Enthusiastic about programming, with dozens of personal projects and a diverse range of interests. Seeking a challenging role to improve technical skills and contribute to innovative projects.
Programming Skills

The following is a non-exhaustive list. Ask me for details!
Javascript, Typescript, WASM
React, Vue, Laravel, Svelte
SASS, TailwindCSS
Rust, C++, C
Python, Node.js, C#, PHP
PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL
Bash, Batch, Powershell
Git, Docker
AWS, Terraform, CircleCI
RegEx, Spreadsheets
VSCode, Visual Studio, Vim
Linux (RHEL, Ubuntu), Windows
Unity, LaTeX, Photoshop

University of Waterloo
2020 - 2025
Computational Mathematics + Combinatorics & Optimization (Co-op)
Quantum Cryptography School for Young Students
Jul 2019
Studied theoretical physics & cryptography at the Lazaridis Quantum Nano Center and Perimeter Institute.

This résumé was created from scratch with TailwindCSS
Work Experience

Internal Tools Software Developer (16 Months)
2022 - 2023
Scrawlr Development Inc.
Vancouver, BC
  • Lead developer on 20+ projects, including a reactivity and state-management library for Vue.js, a cross-platform browser extension plugin for Vite, and various API specification & mocking utilities.
  • Collaborated across 4 different teams to develop internal tools, infrastructure, and improve CI/CD pipelines.
  • Worked with the infrastructure team to create a full deployment services using Terraform and AWS (EC2, ECS, ECR, IAM, VPC, Route53, etc.)
  • Mentored two co-op students with variety of projects and technologies such as CircleCI, Vue.js, and Jest.
Network Administrator Co-op (4 Months)
Questenterprise Inc.
North York, ON
  • Worked closely with the networking team migrating a datacenter and rerouting traffic with minimal disruption to active business.
  • Developed and deployed a React interface to manage network documentation for current infrastructure and practices.
(Previous history redacted for privacy)
    Personal Projects

    Machine Learning
    Rust, Python, Neural Networks
    Created a machine learning library from scratch in Rust, and researched novel encodings of neural networks with stochastic (probabilistic) bits. Developed a Python library for simulating performance of networks encoded this way, and embedding into a custom architecture.
    Password Manager
    Vue, Vite, Cryptography
    Researched and optimized a secure algorithm for statelessly generating passwords with Argon2. Developed a responsive and lightweight frontend UI with Vue.js and Vite.
    Web Scraper & UI
    Vue, Tailwind
    Created a website to efficiently filter, search, shortlist, and view job descriptions scraped from the University of Waterloo's Job Board. Actively used by over 25 students to shortlist jobs significantly faster than the existing "WaterlooWorks" website.
    Programming Language
    Rust, VSCode
    Created an esoteric programming language that features non-linear code execution inspired by the Collatz Conjecture. Built with Rust and includes a VSCode extension that provides syntax highlighting and visualization tools to improve developer experience.