Here are a few of my completed personal projects, you can find more on my Github


Jun 2023

A custom neural network library written in Rust, and python scripts for simulating stochastic neural networks and embedding them into Minecraft NBT world files.


Mar 2023

A cryptographically secure stateless password manager. Uses cryptographic key derivation to deterministically generate a uniques for different websites, without the need for a database.

Trout Bout

Oct 2022

A real-time multiplayer game developed collaboratively with @reumarks. Utilizes a custom game engine with peer-to-peer networking and rollback to achive minimal latency


Sep 2022

A web scraper and UI for the University of Waterloo job board. Scrapes job postings and provides a UI for efficiently filtering and shortlisting them. Written in Vue and Node.js


Aug 2022

A well-documented esoteric programming language inspired by the Collatz conjecture. Written in Rust, and includes an interpreter and a VSCode extension that provides syntax highlighting and visualization tooling


Jan 2020

A unity shooter game made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2020 Game Jam. Features a procedurally generated world with cellular automata, and a fully destructuble player character.

Discord Bots

Jan 2020

A collection of discord bots written in Python and Node.js that provide different functionality such as exporting and analyzing conversations, reverse-shell access to a remote machine, and a GPT-3 chatbot with the OpenAI API

Uiua Scripts

Developed first implementation of SHA256 and "Bad Apple" in Uiua, a purely functional esoteric programming language. Involved custom compression that reduced the data size of the original video by over 99% with fourier transforms and run-length encodings.